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SONAM - TZ | UGNE: Medical Parasitology / Entomology

Medical Parasitology / Entomology

Sherris & Ryan's Medical Microbiology, 8e

Sherris & Ryan's Medical Microbiology, 8e

Author: Kenneth J. Ryan

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education, 2022



Infectious Diseases of Tanzania

Author: Inc. Gideon Informatics, Stephen Berger, and Gideon science GIDEON science team

Publisher: Gideon Informatics, Incorporated, 2023


Infectious Diseases: from Prevention to Control

Author: Yvette S. Brewer

Publisher: Nova Science Publishers, Incorporated,  2023

Book Jacket

Entomology: Novel Approaches

Author(s): Jain,P.C. & M.C.Bhargava

Publisher: New Delhi : [NEW INDIA PUBLISHING AGENCY] NIPA. 2020

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