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IED-TZ | Language & Literacy Guide: Useful Websites

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                                                           Network of English Language Enhancement (ELE) is a unique platform to improve English language skills for AKU Students, Staff and faculty. ELE provide numerous courses to develop the knowledge on four foundational skills RWSL (Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening) of language learning in English.                                                                                                                                                                   
undefined Room to Read Tanzania works with the government to scale efforts that ensure the best results in primary school literacy education. Our work also safeguards girls’ rights to quality education, supporting them to stay in school, improve their standard of living and contribute to national development. In addition, our Literacy Program is enhancing the culture of reading in students’ families. Parents are now checking out books for their own reading as well, demonstrating their engagement and commitment to supporting lifelong, independent readers.
The International Society for the linguistics of English (ISLE) is to promote the study of English Language, the study of the structure and history of standard and non-standard varieties of English, in terms of both form and function, at an international level. Society aim to provide a geographically and theoretically neutral central contact point for all those who are academically active and who identify with this aim. ISLE is the first global umbrella organisation fulfilling this role.
undefined TELTA. The name stands for Tanzanian English Language Teachers Association with the aim of making English Language Teachers share ideas, interests, experiences and building their teaching capacity by conducting different activities in regional and national levels. TELTA is the legally registered as the subject association by the Ministry of Home Affairs with the registration number S.A 18354. TELTA is the product of what so called Teachers’ Development Meeting (TDM) as initiated in 1990’s during the English Language Teaching Support Program. In 2011, TDM was transformed into TELTA, since its inception, TELTA has been organizing and facilitating workshops for teachers and students activities for the sake of developing their English language skills. To promote the learning and use of English Language in our schools.

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