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SONAM - TZ | Midwifery: Trends and issues

Trends and Issues

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Ethical Competence in Nursing Practice : Competencies, Skills, Decision-Making.

Author (s): Dr. Catherine Robichaux.

Publisher : New York : Springer Publishing Company, 2017.                                                                              

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Foundations of Professional Nursing : Care of Self and Others.

Author (s): Katherine Renpenning.

Publisher : New York, : Springer Publishing Company, 2016.

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Nursing History for Contemporary Role Development

Author (s): Sandra B. Lewenson.

Publisher : New York : Springer Publishing Company, 2017.

Footprints of the Nursing Profession. Current Trends and Emerging Issues in Ghana

Footprints of the Nursing Profession : Current Trends and Emerging Issues in

Author (s): Aziato, Lydia.

Publisher : Legon, Accra, Ghana : Sub-Saharan Publishers, 2014.


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Nurse's Legal Handbook

Author (s): Ferrell, Kathy G.

Publisher : Philadelphia : Wolters Kluwer Health, 2016.

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Nursing Today - E-Book : Transition and Trends

Author (s): JoAnn Zerwekh; Ashley Garneau.

Publisher : 8th Ed.: Saunders, 2015.

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