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SONAM - TZ | Midwifery: Information, Communication and Technology (ICT)

Information, Communication and Technology (ICT)

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Web Applications with Javascript or Java : Volume 1: Constraint Validation, Enumerations, Special Datatypes

Author (s): Wagner, G. & Diaconescu, Mircea.

Publisher : Berlin : De Gruyter Oldenbourg. 2018.

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Information Technology for Patient Empowerment in Healthcare

Author (s): Maria Adela Grando , Ronen Rozenblum & David Bates.

Publisher : De Gruyter, 2015.

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Data & Information Technology

Author (s): Salem Press

Publisher : Second edition. Ipswich, Massachusetts : Salem Press. 2017.

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Information Technology Ethics: Concepts and Practices in the Digital World

Author (s): Hajer Kefi, Editor

Publisher : Newcastle-upon-Tyne : Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 2015.

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