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SONAM - TZ | Midwifery: Applied Anatomy and Physiology

Applied Anatomy & Physiology

Human Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory Manual

Author(s): Marieb Elaine N.

Year: 2023: 13th Ed. :United Kingdom. Person Education Limited.

ISBN: 9781292442099

Call No: QP 34.5 .M455 2023

Ross & Wilson anatomy and physiology in health and illness

Author(s): Waugh, Anne. 

Year: 2023: 14th Ed. :New York : Elsevier.

ISBN: 9780323834612

Call No: QP 34 .W38 2023

Essentials of anatomy and physiology for nursing practice

Author(s): Boore, Jennifer. 

Year: 2021: 2nd Ed. :Thousand Oaks, California : SAGE Publications.

ISBN: 9781526460325

Call No: QP34.5 .B66 2021

Fundamentals of anatomy and physiology for nursing and healthcare students 

Author(s): Peate, Ian,

Year: 2020: 3rd Ed. :Hoboken, NJ : Wiley-Blackwell.

ISBN: 9781119576488

Call No: QP34.5 .F86 2020

Understanding Anatomy and Physiology in Nursing (Transforming Nursing Practice Series)

Understanding anatomy and physiology in nursing

Author(s): Knight, John

Year: 2020: Thousand Oaks : Sage

ISBN: 9781526474544

Call No: RT69 .K65 2020


Ross & Wilson anatomy and physiology in health and illness 

Author(s): Waugh, Anne.

Year: 2018: 13Th Ed. :Elsevier.

ISBN: 9780702053269

Call No: QP34.5 .W38 2018

Fundamentals of anatomy & physiology

Author(s): Martini, Frederic.

Year: 2018: 11Th Ed. :New York : Pearson Education, Inc.

ISBN: 9781292229867

Call No: QP 34.5 .M27 2018

Physiology in childbearing : with anatomy and related biosciences

Author(s): Rankin, Jean.

Year: 2017: 4Th Ed. :Edinburgh Elsevier.

ISBN: 9780702061882

Call No: RG 560 .P49 2017

Gray's Anatomy: The Anatomical Basis of Clinical Practice

Gray's anatomy : the anatomical basis of clinical practice

Author(s): Standring, Susan.

Year: 2016: Forty-first edition. :Elsevier Limited.

ISBN: 9780702063060

Call No: QM 23.2 .G73 2016

Gray's anatomy for students

Author(s): Drake, Richard L. (Richard Lee)

Year: 2015: 3rd Ed. : Churchill Livingstone/Elsevier.

ISBN: 9780702051319

Call No: QM 23.2 .D73 2015


Ross and Wilson anatomy & physiology in health and illness 

Author(s): Waugh, Anne.

Year: 2014: 12Th Ed. :Elsevier.

ISBN: 9780702053269

Call No: QP34.5 .W38 2014


Understanding anatomy & physiology : a visual, auditory, interactive approach 

Author(s): Thompson, Gale Sloan.

Year: 2015: 2nd Ed.: F.A. Davis Company.

ISBN: 9780803643734

Call No: QP38 .T46 2015


Tortora's principles of anatomy & physiology 

Author(s): Tortotra, Gerard J..

Year: 2017: Global Ed. :Wiley 

ISBN: 9781119382928

Call No: QP 34.5 .T67 2017


The developing human : clinically oriented embryology 

Author(s): Moore, Keith L.

Year: 2016: 10th Ed. :Elsevier 

ISBN: 9780323313384

Call No: QM 601 .M66 2016


Guyton and hall textbook of medical physiology

Author(s): Hall, John E. (John Edward).

Year: 2016: 13th Ed. : Elsevie. 

ISBN: 1455770167.

Call No: QP 34.5 .G9 2016.

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