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Tanzania Early Childhood Development Network (TECDEN) is a national umbrella of Early Childhood Development Organizations working in TECDEN to influence policies, programmes and practice related to Early Childhood Development (ECD) by sharing information, experiences and through these processes to generate knowledge and understanding on ECD.
 The main goal of the network is to create an enabling environment for strengthening the capacity of members to strategically engage in key Policy and Programme Development processes at all levels to influence the improvement of support for holistic development of all infants and young children. TECDEN is recognised by the government of Tanzania as the formal representative of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in government high level meetings.

Careers at Aga Khan Foundation | EXPRESSTZ.COM

Early Childhood Development (ECD). The Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) has been making significant contributions to the Early Childhood Development (ECD) sector in Tanzania for three decades.  AKF has pioneered the provision of high quality, culturally-relevant and holistic early childhood development amongst communities in Zanzibar and Southern Tanzania. The Programme focuses on transforming the quality of life of young children and their families, building strong institutions, leaders and professionals, and contributing to networks, research and policy.  Through its Madrasa Early Childhood Programme, over 10,000 children, 50 percent of them girls, benefit from the current support to 81 community-based preschools in Zanzibar.


Save the Children's work saves and improves children's lives around the world. We work to ensure children have healthcare, food and shelter, as well as learning and child protection services when children need it most. We are committed to helping all children achieve their full potential by ensuring they grow up healthy, receive a good education, and stay safe.

Securing children's rights is the foundation of our work. Millions of children around the world are denied their rights, simply because of who they are or where they are from. We know that to ensure every child has the chance for a future their rights must be upheld.
Through our programming, emergency responses and advocacy, we put the most vulnerable children first, tackling the barriers to survival, learning and protection.



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