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IED-TZ | Curriculum Studies: Curriculum Handbooks

Reference Books


Handbook of Curriculum Development

Author: Kattington, Limon E.

Publication: New York : Nova Science Publishers, Inc. 2010

Database: EBSCOhost eBooks

Handbook on Developing Online Curriculum Materials for Teachers : Lessons From Museum Education Partnerships

Author: Gerald Bailey

Publication: Charlotte:  Information Age Publishing, 2010

Database: EBSCOhost eBooks

The SAGE Handbook of Curriculum and Instruction

Authors: Phillion, JoAnn, He, Ming Fang

Publication: Los Angeles : SAGE Publications, Inc. 2008

Database: EBSCOhost eBooks




Developing A Leadership Role Within The Key Stage 2 Curriculum : A Handbook For Students And Newly Qualified Teachers

Author: Harrison, Mike

Publication: London: Routledge. 2002

Database: EBSCOhost eBooks




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