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AKU-KE | Oncology Nursing


Welcome to Oncology Nursing guidePertinent resources from the Oncology curriculum have been listed to assist students and faculty with their learning needs. The list of resources include books, journals, databases, websites, as well as other topics deemed important to researcher’s needs. 

Useful Resources

  1. Cancer Prevention and Screening:
    1. Low resource areas
  2. Cancer Types:
    1. National Cancer Institute
    2. Cervical cancer
  3. Complementary and Alternative Medicine:
    1. National Institutes of Health 
  4. Comprehensive Cancer Information:
    1. National Cancer Institute
    2. American Cancer society
    3. NICE guidelines
  5. Evidence Based Guidelines:
    1. Cancer Care Ontario
  6. Kenya Guidelines:
    1. National Cancer Control Strategy
    2. National Guidelines for Cancer Management
  7. Symptom Assessment and Management Tools:
    1. Cancer Care Ontario
    2. Cancer related fatigue 
    3. Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology, Remote symptom guide 
  8. Palliative Care Assessment Tools:
    1. Edmonton Zone Palliative Care Program
  9. American Cancer Society (Access to presentation, journals and more)

Useful Databases

Need help? Ask a Librarian!

FHS Library, Nairobi
Tel: +254 20 366 2039 

Additional Resources

Oncology Nursing Society eBooks (accessible via intranet):

1. Cancer Basics (2010) 

2. Chemotherapy and Biotherapy Guidelines and Recommendations 4th Ed. (2014)

3. Palliative Practices From A–Z for the Bedside Clinician 2nd Ed. (2008)

4. A Guide to Oncology Symptom Management 2nd Ed. (2015)

**Use VPN for Off-Campus access

Citation help

Please contact the Library if you need further assistance with citations. Also, feel free to schedule with us or drop-in for a training session on EndNote Reference management software.