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AKU-KE | Online Searching Techniques for Best Results: Truncation


Truncation, also called stemming, is a technique that broadens your search to include various word endings and spellings.
1.    To use truncation, enter the root/stem of a word and put the truncation symbol at the end.
2.    The database will return results that include any ending of that root word.
Different databases use different symbols in truncation, for example:   ?     $    *


  • arter* will find artery, arteries, arterial etc.
  • Diabet* care will find diabetes care, diabetic care
  • therap* will find therapy, therapies, therapist or therapists.


Caution DNP - *Nursing - Research Guides at Pacific Lutheran University

  • When using truncation make sure the root of the word is not “too short” as this would result to too many irrelevant variations/ results.
  • Check the database help section if you are not sure which symbol to use