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eCommons@AKU   is a digital archive offering access to the research, scholarly output and publications of the Aga Khan University. The objective is to preserve, promote and provide access to the University's research and publications under one umbrella, in full text wherever possible.


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Good searches are not accidental!

When carrying out an online search one aims to achieve precision and recall (effectiveness and efficiency) by retrieving “not too little” or “not too much”. However, “not too little” or “not too much” is a delicate balance and is subjective, as this depends on what one is looking for and the ultimate results. Nonetheless, good searches are not accidental and having the right strategy and techniques when searching will result to better results!

This guide aims to highlight common search strategies and techniques you can use when carrying out an online search.


Why is this important?

  • Enables you retrieve relevant information in the right quantity and quality    
  • Helps you save valuable time