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AKU IR, eCommons

eCommons@AKU   is a digital archive offering access to the research, scholarly output and publications of the Aga Khan University. The objective is to preserve, promote and provide access to the University's research and publications under one umbrella, in full text wherever possible.


Off campus access to e-resources


This libguide demonstrates how to access and use the AKU library Online Pubic Access Catalogue (OPAC). The libguide introduces you to the various features and functionalities of the library OPAC.



The library OPAC enables patrons:

  • To access bibliographic information on books, journals, and other materials available in library.
  • Find material on selected Subject Areas.
  • Ascertain Availability of Books.
  • Know the Location of Books.



Faculty Liaison Librarian

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Edgar Owira
Assistant Librarian, Faculty of Health Sciences Library, Aga Khan University, Nairobi,Kenya
+254 20 366 2039 ‚Äč

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