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FHS-KE | Searching AKU library Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC): Step by step guide

STEP 1: Access the AKU OPAC through

STEP 2: Select your library i.e. FHS Library, Nairobi-Kenya


STEP 3: Carrying out a quick search

On the drop down menu immediately after the word Search, choose one of the available fields of your choice e.g. (Library Catalog: Title, Author, subject etc.)




Please note:

On the search box

  1. Start with one field at a time e.g. Title, Author, Subject.
  2. You do not have to type in the whole title. You can type one word or two words of the title.
  3. When you use the author field please do not abbreviate. Therefore, use one name of the author.
  4. You can combine a word from the title and a name of the author using the Advanced Search option (remember your library FHS Library Nairobi-Kenya should be selected)


STEP 4: Once you have typed in your request /search query press enter key


STEP 5: Retrieved records will appear


STEP 6: Use scroll down keys or navigation keys on the toolbar to move from one record to another record

Please note the following on each record

  1. The call number of the book e.g. RT89. W43 2020
  2. The section where the book is to be found e.g. Reference, East Tower Block, Borrowed, etc.

Write the call number down and go to the shelves section to retrieve the book.

STEP 7: You can also narrow search to retrieve ONLY electronic books

You can decide to narrow you search by limiting it to Electronic Books only by ticking the cell on Search Only Electronic Books


The search will give you all Electronic Books on nursing.