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IED-PK | Science: Teaching and Learning Guide: eBooks

Getting to know Science teaching and learning content, have you go !!


Teaching math, science, and technology in schools today: guidelines for engaging both eager and reluctant learners

Author: Adams, Dennis, Hamm, Mary 

Year: 2014 Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

Database: EBSCOhost ebooks

Help! I'm teaching middle school science

Author: Swango, C. Jill, Steward, Sally Boles

Year: 2003 Publisher: NSTA

Database: EBSCOhost ebooks

Doing good science in Middle School: A practical STEM guide

Author: Jorgenson, Olaf

Year: 2014 Publisher: NSTA Press

Database: EBSCOhost ebooks

Science education: An international course companion

Author: Taber, Keith S., Akpan, Ben

Year: 2017 Publisher: Sense Publishers

Database: EBSCOhost ebooks

The language of science education

AuthorWilliam F. McComas

Year: 2014 PublisherSensePublishers

Database: SpringerLink eBooks

Quality teaching in primary science education

Author: Mark W. Hackling

Publisher: Springer

Database: SpringerLink eBooks



Teaching Science in Out-of-School Settings

Author: Junqing Zhai

Year: 2015 PublisherSpringer 

Database: SpringerLink eBooks

Teachers Creating Context-Based Learning Environments in Science

Author: R. Taconis

Year: 2016 Publisher: SensePublishers

Database: SpringerLink eBooks



The Future in Learning Science: What’s in it for the Learner?

Author: Deborah Corrigan

Year: 2015 Publisher: Springer.

Database: SpringerLink eBooks

Using Multimodal Representations to Support Learning in the Science Classroom

Author: Brian Hand

Year: 2016 Publisher: Springer

Database: SpringerLink eBooks



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