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IED-PK | Master of Philosophy (MPhil in Education) Theses Guide: Complete List of Theses' Title

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Year Wise Titles

  1. Improving students' writing skills using mind - mapping technique at primary level in a private school in Karachi.
  2. Exploring the role of volunteerism in developing leadership skills amongst the youth of Ismaili Muslim Community in the context of Karachi, Pakistan
  3. Teaching mathematics (geometry) through pedagogy of STEM Education in grade 8 in a private school of District Ghotki, Sindh
  4. Role of teacher’s constructive feedback in improving grade 5 students’ writing skills in a public school in Karachi
  5. Exploring students’ learning experiences shaped by the examinations conducted by a national private examination board in Pakistan
  6. Understanding the grade V students’ ecological identity in Karachi and helping them in enhancing their ecological consciousness
  7. Culture and teacher professional development : Exploring male and female mentors’ and mentees’ experiences of professional development in the Baltistan Region of Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan
  8. Exploring the early childhood education teachers’ and grade I teachers’ perceptions regarding school readiness for children’s transition to primary school : A quantitative study in the context of private schools in Karachi
  1. Understanding education faculty members' (EFMs) experiences and perspectives on the B.Ed. Honors programme at a public international university (PIU) in Northern Pakistan
  2. Exploring experiences of key stakeholders of the new BEd (Hons) elementary programme in a public sector university and a government elementary college of education in Karachi, Pakistan
  3. Cultural diversity in a public sector university of Pakistan: Exploring students' perceptions and experiences
  4. An Exploratory case study of public-private partnership in education: A case from Karachi Pakistan
  5. Exploring mothers' perceptions of the role of play in early childhood development (4 to 6 years old) in the context of upper Chitral, Pakistan
  6. Unearthing literacy conceptions of middle school students: A qualitative exploration
  7. Access or beyond access? Unpacking gender and gender equity in Gilgit-Baltistan education strategy
  8. Hope or hype - public private partnership for the development of education in Sindh, Pakistan
  9. Exploring pre-service teachers' motivation for joining the teaching profession in Karachi, Pakistan
  10. A follow-up exploration of the implementation of teachers' learning after professional development programme in Early Childhood Education (ECE): A case study
  11. Teachers' experiences and practices of developing teaching portfolios: An exploratory study
  12. Role of parental involvement in secondary education
  13. Exploring teachers' experiences of a blended teacher professional development programme in Karachi, Pakistan
  14. Exploring higher education commission's quality assurance mechanisms for assuring quality in higher education at Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  15. Community engagement in one of the private schools in upper Chitral, Khyberpakhtunkhawa, Pakistan
  16. Exploring perceptions and practices of teachers about inclusion on students with special educational needs (SEN): A case study of a private inclusive school in Karachi
  1. Understanding and developing students' Academic Resilience (AR) in secondary schools of Karachi: The case of grade 9 biology students
  2. Exploring effectiveness of the programme evaluation practices used in the private educational organization in Karachi
  3. Exploring the current classroom assessment practices of English Language at secondary level in a private secondary school of District Ghizer, Gilgit-Baltistan
  4. Exploring students' engagement with methodology during their M.ED. dissertations
  5. Reducing attitudes of prejudice and discrimination through literature in 'Personal Social Health Education' (PSHE) classes: A quasi-experiment on the upper key-stage 2 students of the British schools in Karachi, Pakistan
  6. Enhancing the writing skills of grade seven students in a private school in Karachi
  7. Investigating the relationship between students' digital literacy and their attitude towards using ICT
  8. Learning from voluntary services: Perspectives of the Ismaili youth in Karachi
  9. New reform in teacher education: An investigation of the implementation of 4-years B.ED. (Hons.) elementary programme in four selected teacher education institutions in Sindh, Pakistan
  10. The impact of social class on educational achievement and lived experiences in two private A-Level schools in Karachi
  11. An inquiry into the implementation of the Associate Degree in Education (ADE) in a public sector teacher education institute in Karachi, Pakistan