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IED-PK | Research Guide: eBooks

Explore, understand, organize and conduct social sciences research.



Research methodology a project guide for university students​

Author: Kuada, John E.

Year: 2012 Publisher: Samfundslitteratur Press

Database: EBSCOhost ebooks

Introduction to research methods and report writing: A practical guide for students and researchers in social sciences and the humanities

Author: Mligo, Elia Shabani 

Year: 2016 Publisher: Resource Publications

Database: EBSCOhost ebooks


University research management: meeting the institutional challenge

Author: Helen Connell

Publisher: OECD

ISBN: 9789264017450 (PDF)

Database: OECDiLibrary

Qualitative inquiry & research design: choosing among five approaches

Author: Adams, John, Raeside, R. Khan

Year: 2014 Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9788132113669

Database: EBSCOhost ebooks


Research methods for English studies

Author: Griffin, Gabriele

Year: 2013 Publisher: Edinburgh University Press.

ISBN: 9780748683437

Database: EBSCOhost ebooks

University research management developing research in new institutions institutional management in higher education

Author: OECD

Publisher: OECD

ISBN: 9789264006966 (PDF)

Database: OECDiLibrary


Quantitative methods in educational and social research using SPSS

Author: Tolmie, Andrew McAteer, Erica Muijs, Daniel

Year: 2011 Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education. 

Database: EBSCOhost ebooks

Becoming qualitative researchers : an introduction

Author: Guthrie, Gerard

Year: 2010 Publisher: SAGE 

Database: EBSCOhost ebooks



Research methods for cultural studies

Author: Pickering, Michael

Year: 2008 Publisher: Edinburgh University Press.

Database: EBSCOhost ebooks

Qualitative research methods in education and educational technology

Author: Willis, Jerry

Year: 2008 Publisher: Information Age Publishing. 

Database: EBSCOhost ebooks



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