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IED-PK | Research Guide: Reference Books

Explore, understand, organize and conduct social sciences research.

Reference Books


Handbook of quantitative methods for educational  research 

Author: Teo, Timothy

Year: 2013 Publisher: Sense Publisher

Database: EBSCOhost ebooks



Encyclopedia of Survey Research Methods

Author: Sage Publications, inc., Lavrakas, Paul J.

Year: 2008 Publisher: SAGE 

Database: EBSCOhost ebooks

The Case Study As Research Method : A Practical   Handbook

Author: Gagnon, Yves-Chantal

Year: 2010 Publisher: Les Presses de l'Université   du Québec. 

Database: EBSCOhost ebooks

The SAGE Handbook of Applied Social  Research Methods

Author: Rog, Debra J.Bickman, Leonard

Year: 2009 Publisher: SAGE

Database: EBSCOhost ebooks