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IED-PK | Mathematics Teaching & Learning: Reference Books

Explore resources and guides in the field of mathematics studies

Reference Books


Studying classroom impact through action research: a study of mathematics classrooms

Author(s): Anjum Halai

Year: 2004 Publisher:  Aga Khan University


Handbook of research on mathematics teaching and learning

Author(s): Grouws, Douglas A.  

Year: 1992 Publisher: Maxwell Macmillan

Online ISBN: 9783319586502

Handbook of international research in mathematics education

Author(s): English, Lyn D.

Year: 2008 Publisher: Springer

Online ISBN: 9780805858754

Handbook of research design in mathematics and science education

Author(s): Kelly, Anthony E

Year: 2000 Publisher: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publishers

Online ISBN: 9780805832815



Mathematics for dyslexics : a teaching handbook

Author(s): Chinn, Stephen J. 

Year: 1998 Publisher: Whurr,


The Second Handbook of Research on the psychology of mathematics education: The Journey Continues

Editor(s): Ángel Gutiérrez, Gilah C. Leder 

Year: 2016 Publisher: Sense Publisher

Online ISBN: 9789463005616




Encyclopedia of Mathematics Education

Author(s): Jo Boaler

Year: 2014 Publisher: Springer

Online ISBN: 9780805858754


The paired maths handbook : parental involvement and peer tutoring in mathematics​


Author(s): Topping, Keith J. 

Year: 1998 Publisher: D. Fulton

Online ISBN: 185346497X



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