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Disaffection with School Mathematics​

Author(s): Gareth Lewis

Year: 2016 Publisher: Sense Publishers

Online ISBN: 9789463003315

Mathematics & Mathematics Education: Searching for Common Ground

Editor(s): Michael Uljens and Rose M. Ylimaki

Year: 2017 Publisher: Springer

Online ISBN: 9783319586502

Teaching and Learning in Maths Classrooms​

Editor(s): Chiara Andrà, Domenico Brunetto

Year: 2017 Publisher: Springer

Online ISBN: 9783319492322

Improving primary mathematics education, teaching and learning: Research for Development in Resource-Constrained Contexts

Author(s): Mellony Graven, Hamsa Venkat

Year: 2017 Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

Online ISBN: 9781137529800

Learning and Teaching Real World Problem Solving in School Mathematics: A Multiple-Perspective Framework for Crossing the Boundary​

Author(s): Murad Jurdak

Year: 2016 Publisher: Springer

Online ISBN: 9783319082042

Mathematics Classrooms: Students' Activities and Teachers' Practices

Author(s): Fenwick W. English

Year: 2013 Publisher: Sense Publishers

Online ISBN: 9789462092815


Mathematics of Choice : Or How to Count Without Counting

Author(s): Niven, Ivan

Year: 2012 Publisher: Mathematical Association of America

Online ISBN: 9780883859308

Teaching for Learning Mathematics

Author(s): Sutherland, Rosamund

Year: 2007 Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education. 

Online ISBN: 9780335230266

Explaining Beauty in Mathematics: An Aesthetic Theory of Mathematics

Author(s): Ulianov Montano

Year: 2014 Publisher: Springer

Online ISBN: 9783319034522

Pedagogy and Content in Middle and High School Mathematics​

Author(s): Amanda Ross, G. Donald Allen

Year: 2017 Publisher: Sense Publishers

Online ISBN: 9781412980029

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