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IED-PK | Educational Leadership: eBooks

This subject specific guide can help you in peruse accessible resources for your research



Educational leadership relationally: A theory and methodology for educational leadership, management and administration 

Author(s) Scott Eacott

Year 2015 Publisher Sense Publishers

Online ISBN 9789462099111

Bridging educational leadership, curriculum theory and didaktik: Non-affirmative theory of education

Editor(s) Michael Uljens and Rose M. Ylimaki

Year 2017 Publisher Springer

Online ISBN 9783319586502

Cultures of educational leadership: Global and intercultural perspectives

Editor(s) Paul Miller

Year 2017 Publisher Palgrave Macmillan

Online ISBN 9781137585677

Unmasking school leadership: A longitudinal life history of school leaders

Author(s) Ciaran Sugrue

Year 2015 Publisher Springer

Online ISBN 9789401794336

Educational leadership and management: Developing insights and skills

Author(s) Marianne Coleman and Derek Glover

Year 2010 Publisher McGraw-Hill Education

Online ISBN 9780335236084

Encyclopedia of educational leadership and administration

Author(s) Fenwick W. English

Year 2006 Publisher Sage Publications

Online ISBN 9781452265162

International handbook of educational leadership and social (in)justice

Editor(s) Ira Bogotch and Carolyn M. Shields

Year 2014 Publisher Springer

Online ISBN 9789400765559

How school leaders contribute to student success: The four paths framework

Editor(s) Kenneth Leithwood, Jingping Sun and Katina Pollock

Year 2017 Publisher Springer

Online ISBN 9783319509808

Competencies in teaching, learning and educational leadership in the digital age: Papers from CELDA 2014

Editor(s) J. Michael Spector, Dirk Ifenthaler, Demetrios G. Sampson, and Pedro Isaias

Year 2016 Publisher Springer

Online ISBN 9783319302959

The Sage handbook of educational leadership: Advances in theory, research, and practice

Author(s) Fenwick W. English

Year 2011 Publisher Sage publications

Online ISBN 9781412980029

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