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Choosing the right journal for publication can be a challenge due to the proliferation of journals, areas of specialization, and emergence of interdisplinary topics. Some of the journals are questionable, predatory, deceptive, illegitimate, or dishonest. Publishing in journals that are not reputable can diminish the credibility of your research and limit your career.

This guide will help you to choose appropriate journal that will match your research topic.

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AKU IR, eCommons

eCommons@AKU   is a digital archive offering access to the research, scholarly output and publications of the Aga Khan University. The objective is to preserve, promote and provide access to the University's research and publications under one umbrella, in full text wherever possible.


FHS PubMed


Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) library users can download over 6 million full-text articles from AKU subscribed databases, directly from PubMed.


Recommendations for Reviewing a Journal

1. Review the journal articles published in the journal over the past two years.

  • Do the articles follow established principles for reporting of research?
  • How is the scientific quality of the articles?
  • How is the editorial quality of the articles?

2. Review the journal information on the website.

  • Are the scope and aims of the journal clear?
  • Who is the Editor-in-Chief?
  • Who are the members of the editorial board?

3. If in doubt, ask your a Librarian. 


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