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This guide is a helping tool for AKU Libraries staff, covering the points which they should be considered while making the guides..


This guide is an intend to make for the AKU Libraries staff.

AKU Libraries Catalogue, SAFARI



AKU IR, eCommons

eCommons@AKU   is a digital archive offering access to the research, scholarly output and publications of the Aga Khan University. The objective is to preserve, promote and provide access to the University's research and publications under one umbrella, in full text wherever possible.


Who We Are

Home Page

Guide Name:

The Guide name should be started from the entity acronym then “-“ and location. Such as:

  •     FHS-PK
  •     IED-PK
  •     FHS-KE
  •     FHS-TZ
  •     IED-TZ
  •     FHS-UG

Guide Description and Introduction:

Guide description is about the guide, means it includes all those important areas that covers in the guide. On the other hand, in Introduction box we are giving a brief introduction of the subject.


We should select the appropriate type/group from the given list:.

URL for Guide and Pages:

A proper URL is must assign to every single guide. Proper and uniformed URL is an easy way to go directly on guide.

URL pattern for guides:


URL pattern for pages:


Faculty Liaison Librarian:

This box should be appeared on the top right corner of the guide.

Related Guides:
According to our design, we should give the links of 5 other guides which are related to current guide at the right side of the guide.

Need Help:

This box should be appeared on right side along with the contact information of library.

Faculty Liaison Librarian

Related Guides