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Learn to teach with modern technology


Teaching Machines : Learning From the Intersection of Education and Technology

Author: Ferster, Bill

Year: 2014 Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press

Database: EBSCOhost ebooks

Best Practices for Technology-Enhanced Teaching and Learning : Connecting to Psychology and the Social Sciences

Author: Dunn, Dana

Year: 2011 Publisher: Oxford University Press

Database: EBSCOhost ebooks

Using Technology in Foreign Language Teaching

Author: Troudi, Salah, Mahrooqi, Rahma

Year: 2014 Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Database: EBSCOhost ebooks

Teaching Math, Science, and Technology in Schools Today : Guidelines for Engaging Both Eager and Reluctant Learners

Author: Adams, Dennis, Hamm, Mary

Year: 2014 Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

IDatabase: EBSCOhost ebooks

Teaching in Blended Learning Environments : Creating and Sustaining Communities of Inquiry

Author: Vaughan, Norman D.,Garrison, D. R.
Cleveland-Innes, M.

Year: 2013 Publisher: AU Press.

Database: EBSCOhost ebooks


Educational technology and pedagogic encounters: democratic education in potentiality

Author: Yusef Waghid,  Faiq Waghid and Zayd Waghid

Year: 2016 Publisher: Sense Publishers

Database: OECDiLibrary


Using Blended Learning

Author: Khe Foon Hew, Wing Sum Cheung

Year: 2014 Publisher: Springer 

Database: SpringerLink eBooks

Competencies in Teaching, Learning and Educational Leadership in the Digital Age

Editor: J.Michael Spector, Dirk Ifenthaler Demetrios G. Sampson, Pedro Isaias

Year: 2016 Publisher: Springer

Database: SpringerLink eBooks


Transforming classroom practice: professional development strategies in educational technology 

Author: Pierson, Melissa, Borthwick, Arlene

Year: 2008 Publisher: ISTE

Database: EBSCOhost ebooks

ICT for Education, Development, and Social Justice

Author: Glass, Gene V, Zembylas, Michalinos

Year: 2009 Publisher: Information Age Publishing. 

Database: EBSCOhost ebooks



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