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IED-PK | Educational Change & Development: eBooks

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Reform and development of educational system: History, policy and cases

Author/Editor(s) Ling Li, Jiafu Zheng and Zeyuan Yu

Year 2018 Publisher Springer

Online ISBN 9783662555255

Globalisation and education reforms: Paradigms and ideologies

Author/Editor(s) Joseph Zajda

Year 2018 Publisher Springer

Online ISBN 9789402412048

Shaping the university of the future: Using technology to catalyse change in university learning and teaching

Author/Editor(s) Stephen James Marshall

Year 2018 Publisher Springer

Online ISBN 9789811076206

Globalization and change in higher education: The political economy of policy reform in Europe

Author/Editor(s) Beverly Barrett

Year 2017 Publisher Springer

Online ISBN 9783319523682

20 Strategies for increasing student engagement

Author/Editor(s) William N. Bender

Year 2017 Publisher Learning Sciences International

Online ISBN 9781941112892

Education, theory and pedagogies of change in a global landscape: Interdisciplinary perspectives on the role of theory in doctoral research

Author/Editor(s) Victoria Perselli

Year 2016 Publisher Springer

Online ISBN 9781137549235

Reforming higher education: Public policy design and implementation

Author/Editor(s) Liping Deng, Will W. K. MaCheuk and Wai Rose Fong

Year 2018 Publisher Springer

Online ISBN 9789811088964

Educational change: From traditional education to learning communities

Author/Editor(s) Clifford H. Edwards

Year 2011 Publisher Rowman & Liittlefield

Online ISBN 9781607099895

Policy borrowing and rform in education: Globalized processes and local contexts

Author/Editor(s) Laura M. Portnoi

Year 2016 Publisher Palgrave Macmillan

Online ISBN 9781137530240

Education reform: Confronting the secular ideal

Author/Editor(s) Craig S. Engelhardt

Year 2013 Publisher Information Age Publishing

Online ISBN 9781623963248

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