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AKU-KE | Paediatrics: Books


Neonatal perinatal medicine: diseases of the fetus and infant

Author: Fanaroff, A. A.

PublisherSt. Louis: Mosby

Call No: RJ 254 .F36 2011

Clinical Pediatric Neurology. A signs and symptoms approach

Author: Fenichel, GM.,

Publisher: WB Saunders

Call No: RJ 486 .F46 2009

Feigin & Cherry's textbook of pediatric infectious diseases

Author: Feigin R. et al   

Publisher: WB Saunders

Call No: RJ 401 .F45 2014

Textbook of Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Author: Fleisher, GR. 

Publisher: Lippincott Williams.

Call No: RJ 370 .F44 2006

Forfar and Arneil’s Textbook of Pediatrics

Author: Forfar, J. 

Publisher: Churchill Livingstone

Call No: RJ45 .F67 2003

Color Atlas and Synopsis of Pediatric Dermatology

Author: Kane, K. 

Publisher: McGraw Hill

Call No: RJ511 .K36 2009

Davidson’s principles and practice of medicine

Author: Ralston, Stuart H, 

Publisher: Elsevier Ltd.

Call No: RC 46 .D38 2010

Human Genetics: A problem based approach

Author: Blackwell

Publisher: Korf, BR. 

Call No: RB155 .K67 2000

Pediatric Cardiology for practitioners

Author: Park, M.K

Publisher: Mosby ISE

Call No: RJ421 .P37 2008

Pediatric Nephrology

Author: Avner, Ellis D.

Publisher: Mosby ISE

Call No: RJ 476.K5 .P43 2009

Pediatric Pulmonology

Author: American Academy of Pediatrics

Publisher: Mosby ISE

Call No: RJ 431 .A44 2011

Principles and Practice of Pediatric Oncology

Author: Pizzo, P & Poplack, D  

Publisher: Lippincott WW

Call No: RC 281 .C4 P65 2016 

Core Paediatrics: A problem solving approach

Author: Ryan, S

Publisher: Arnold

Call No: RJ50 .R93 2003

Pediatric Endocrinology

Author: Sperling

Publisher: WB Saunders

Call No: RJ 418.P42 2008

Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Author: Strange

Publisher: McGraw Hill ISE

Call No: RJ370 .S77 2009

Neurology of the newborn

Author: Volpe, J.

Publisher: WB Saunders

Call No: RJ290 .V65 2008

Pediatric gastrointestinal Disease

Author: Walker, W.A, et al


Call No: RJ268.8 .W35 2004


Pediatric gastrointestinal and liver disease :  

pathophysiology, diagnosis, management 


Author: Llewellyn-Jones, Derek.  


Call No: RJ446 .P43 2006

Manson's tropical diseases

Author: Farrar, Jeremy  

Publisher: Elsevier Limited

Call No: RC 961 .F33 2014

Harrison's principles of internal medicine

Author: Dennis Kasper, et al

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education

Call No: RC 46 .H37 2012


Key clinical topics in paediatric surgery

Author: Pachl, Max  

Publisher: JP Medical Publishers

Call No: RD 137.K49.P33 2014 

Oxford textbook of paediatric pain

Author: McGrath, Patrick J.

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Call No: RJ 365 .O94 2014 

Paediatric nephrology

Author: Rees, Lesley

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Call No: RJ 476.K5 .R45 2012 

Paediatric respiratory disease

Author: Bush, Andrew 

Publisher: Clinical Publishing Oxford

Call No: RJ 431 .P34 2011

Paediatric haematology and oncology

Author: Bailey, Simon 

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Call No: RJ 411 .P34 2010

Paediatric intensive care

Author: Barry, Peter

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Call No: RJ 370 .P34 2010

Paediatric gastroenterology : an atlas of investigation and management

Author: Moreno-Villares, José M. 

Publisher: Oxford: Clinical Pub

Call No: RJ 440 .M67 2009

Paediatric anaesthesia

Author: Doyle, Edward 

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Call No: RD 139 .P34 2007 

The harriet lane handbook A manual for pediatric house officers

Author:Helen K,Hughes 

Publisher: Elsevier

Call No: RJ 48 .H38 2018

Textbook of pediatric emergency medicine

Author: Shaw, Kathy N. 

Publisher: Wolters Kluwer

Call No: RJ 370 .T49 2016

Rogers' textbook of pediatric intensive care

Author: Nichols, David G.

Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Health

Call No: RJ 370 .R64 2016

Pediatric pharmacotherapy self assessment

Author: Benavides, Sandra

Publisher: Bethesda

Call No: RJ 560 .P43 2015