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FHS-KE | Clinical Pathology: eBooks


Core eBooks

Book title: Lichtman's Atlas of Hematology 2016
Author: Lichtman MA, Shafer MS, Felgar RE, Wang N
Publisher: McGraw Hill Education



Williams Hematology, 9e 
Kenneth Kaushansky; Marshall A. Lichtman; Josef T. Prchal; Marcel M. Levi; Oliver W. Press; Linda J. Burns; Michael Caligiuri 


Pathology: The Big Picture 

Walter L. Kemp; Dennis K. Burns; Travis G. Brown


Pathology: A Modern Case Study, 2e 
Howard M. Reisner 

Atlas of Gynecologic Surgical Pathology, Fourth Edition
Clement, Philip B., MD, © 2020, Elsevier Inc.



Atlas of Head and Neck Pathology, Third Edition
Wenig, Bruce M., MD, Copyright © 2016 by Elsevier, Inc.

Breast Pathology, Second Edition
Dabbs, David J., MD
Copyright © 2017 by Elsevier, Inc.

Diagnostic Immunohistochemistry, Fifth Edition
Dabbs, David J., MD
Copyright © 2019

Hematopathology, Third Edition
Hsi, Eric D., MD
Copyright © 2018

Pathology of Infectious Diseases
Procop, Gary W., MD, MS
Copyright © 2015

Robbins and Cotran Atlas of Pathology, Fourth Edition
Klatt, Edward C., MD
Copyright © 2021 

Robbins & Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease, Tenth Edition
Kumar, Vinay, MBBS, MD, FRCPath
Copyright © 2021
Wheater's Pathology: A Text, Atlas, and Review of Histopathology, Sixth Edition
O’Dowd, Geraldine, BSc(Hons), MBChB(Hons), FRCPath
© 2020, Elsevier Ltd. 
Fundamental Immunology (7th Edition) 
Paul, William E.
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2013

Other eBooks

Atlas of Gynecologic Surgical Pathology

Atlas of Head and Neck Pathology

Atlas of Liver Pathology

Autopsy Pathology: A Manual and Atlas

Bancroft's Theory and Practice of Histological Techniques

Blood and Bone Marrow Pathology

Breast Pathology

Breast Pathology: A Volume in the Foundations in Diagnostic Pathology Series

Cancer of the Skin

Cardiovascular Pathology

Cellular and Molecular Pathobiology of Cardiovascular Disease

Comprehensive Cytopathology




Dermatopathology: High-Yield Pathology

Diagnostic Atlas of Cutaneous Mesenchymal Neoplasia

Diagnostic Cytopathology Essentials

Diagnostic Gynecologic and Obstetric Pathology

Diagnostic Histopathology of Tumors

Diagnostic Immunohistochemistry

Diagnostic Pathology of Infectious Disease

Differential Diagnosis in Surgical Pathology

Dorfman and Czerniak's Bone Tumors

Enzinger and Weiss's Soft Tissue Tumors

Extranodal Lymphomas

Gastrointestinal and Liver Pathology

Genitourinary Pathology: Foundations in Diagnostic Pathology

Gnepp's Diagnostic Surgical Pathology of the Head and Neck

Gynecologic and Obstetric Pathology

Gynecologic Pathology: A Volume in Foundations in Diagnostic Pathology Series

Haschek and Rousseaux's Handbook of Toxicologic Pathology

Head and Neck Pathology



Hematopathology: A Volume in the High Yield Pathology Series

Henry's Clinical Diagnosis and Management by Laboratory Methods

High-Yield Bone and Soft Tissue Pathology

High-Yield Thoracic Pathology

High-Yield Uropathology

Intraoperative Consultation: Foundations in Diagnostic Pathology

MacSween's Pathology of the Liver

Manual of Surgical Pathology

McKee's Pathology of the Skin

Molecular Diagnostics & Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer

Muscle Biopsy

Netter's Illustrated Human Pathology




Odze and Goldblum Surgical Pathology of the GI Tract, Liver, Biliary Tract and Pancreas

Oral Pathology

Orell & Sterrett’s Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology

Pathology of the Female Reproductive Tract

Pathology of Infectious Diseases

Pathology of the Lungs

Pathology of Melanocytic Tumors

Practical Breast Pathology: A Diagnostic Approach

Practical Cytopathology: A Diagnostic Approach to Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy

Practical Dermatopathology

Practical Hepatic Pathology: A Diagnostic Approach

Practical Orthopedic Pathology: A Diagnostic Approach

Practical Pulmonary Pathology: A Diagnostic Approach

Practical Renal Pathology

Practical Skin Pathology: A Diagnostic Approach

Practical Soft Tissue Pathology: A Diagnostic Approach

Practical Surgical Neuropathology: A Diagnostic Approach

Pulmonary Pathology

Robbins and Cotran Atlas of Pathology

Robbins Basic Pathology

Robbins & Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease

Rosai and Ackerman's Surgical Pathology

Scheuer's Liver Biopsy Interpretation

Underwood's Pathology

Urologic Surgical Pathology

Weedon's Skin Pathology

Weedon's Skin Pathology Essentials

Wheater's Pathology: A Text, Atlas, and Review of Histopathology

The Big Picture: Medical Biochemistry

Lee W. Janson, Marc E. Tischler

Harper's Illustrated Biochemistry, 31e

Victor W. Rodwell, David A. Bender, Kathleen M. Botham, Peter J. Kennelly, P. Anthony Weil

Basic & Clinical Biostatistics, 5e

Susan E. White

Understanding Clinical Research

Renato D. Lopes, Editor, Robert A. Harrington, Editor

Histology & Cell Biology: Examination & Board Review, 5e

Douglas F. Paulsen

Junqueira’s Basic Histology: Text and Atlas, 15e

Anthony L. Mescher

Jawetz, Melnick, & Adelberg's Medical Microbiology, 28e

Stefan Riedel, Jeffery A. Hobden, Steve Miller, Stephen A. Morse, Timothy A. Mietzner, Barbara Detrick, Thomas G. Mitchell, Judy A. Sakanari, Peter Hotez, Rojelio Mejia

Review of Medical Microbiology & Immunology: A Guide to Clinical Infectious Diseases, 16e

Warren Levinson, Peter Chin-Hong, Elizabeth A. Joyce, Jesse Nussbaum, Brian Schwartz

Sherris Medical Microbiology, 7e - Kenneth J. Ryan

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