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SONAM -TZ | Nursing: Culture Health and Society

Culture Health and Society

Transcultural Concepts in Nursing Care

Transcultural Concepts in Nursing Care

Author(s): Andrews, Margaret M.

Year: 2016. Wolters Kluwer.

ISBN: 9781451193978

Call No: RT 86.54. A 2016.


Leininger's transcultural nursing : concepts, theories, research, & practice

Author(s): McFarland, Marilyn R.

Year: 2018. 4th  Ed. :McGraw-Hill Education.

ISBN: 9780071841139

Call No: RT 86.54 .L44 2018.


Caring for Patients from Different Cultures

Caring for patients from different cultures 

Author(s): Galanti, Geri-Ann.

Year: 2008. University of Pennsylvania Press.

ISBN: 978-0812220315

Call No: RT 86.54 .G35 2008.

Delivering Culturally Competent Nursing Care, Second Edition:: Working with Diverse and Vulnerable Populations

Delivering culturally competent nursing care : working with diverse and vulnerable populations 

Author(s): Kersey-Matusiak, Gloria

Year: 2019. Springer Publishing Company.

ISBN: 9780826137272

Call No: RA 418.5 .T73 2019


Cultural Diversity in Health and Illness (9th Edition)

Cultural Diversity in Health and Illness 

Author(s): Spector, Rachel

Year: 2018. Pearson.

ISBN: 9780134413310

Call No: RA 418.5.T73 .S64 2017.


The Healthcare Professional's Guide to Clinical Cultural Competence (Healthcare Professional's Guides)

The healthcare professional's guide to clinical cultural competence 

Author(s): Srivastava, R.H.

Year: 2006. Mosby.

ISBN: 0779699602

Call No: RA 418.5 T73S74 2006.


Introduction to Sociology for Health Carers

Introduction to sociology for health carers 

Author(s): Walsh, Mark.

Year: 2017. Cengage Learning.

ISBN: 9781408075050

Call No: RT86.5 .W35 2014.


Nursing sociology by D  A Du Toit

Nursing sociology

Author(s): Toit, D.D., & Staden

Year: 2009. Hatfield.

ISBN: 9780627027598

Call No: HM 51 R855 2009.


Sociology of Health and Health Care

Sociology of health and health care

Author(s): Taylor, Steve 

Year: 2007. Blackwell Pub.

ISBN: 1405151722.

Call No: RA 418.3 .G7 S636 2007.

Society, culture and health : an introduction... by Karen Willis

Society, culture and health : an introduction to sociology for nurses

Author(s): Willis, Karen.

Year: 2011. Oxford University Press.

ISBN: 9780195574623

Call No: T86.5 .W53 2011.


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