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FHS-KE | COVID-19 - Services During Pandemic: Access to physical books

Access to physical books

First search the Library OPAC to confirm availability of the book that you need.

You are then required to send an email or phone the library in advance to place a request.

What is OPAC?

  • OPAC is the acronym for Online Public Access Catalogue. An OPAC is a computerized online catalog of the materials held in a library. In its most simple form, a library OPAC consists of simple index of the bibliographic data cataloged in the system.

I have been hearing the name SAFARI; is this different from OPAC?

  • SAFARI is the Name for AKU Libraries Online Public Access Catalog. SAFARI is a simple acronym coined for the AKU Library OPAC that stands for:
    • Search the Library Catalog
    • Access Library Materials
    • Find the Location of Materials
    • And
    • Retrieve Your Desired Materials
    • Information about User Account & other Features

What are the main functions of SAFARI?

You can use SAFARI to:

  • Find material on selected Subject Areas.
  • Ascertain Availability of Books.
  • Know the Location of Books.

How does one access the OPAC (SAFARI)?

The OPAC is accessible via:    



Upon identifying the book and placing a request via email or phone, our library team will help locate the required book and advise you on what time to collect the requested item.

Who do I contact to get help or place a request?

  • If you need to place a request or help locating a physical book, email:
  • Alternatively, you may call 20-366 2039 if you are off campus or Ext 2039 direct extension within campus

Faculty liason librarian

Nasra Gathoni's picture
Nasra Gathoni
Faculty of Health Science (FHS) Librarian
3662039 (DL) or 2039 (Ext)

Need Help - FHS Kenya?

   AKU – FHS Library, Kenya

   20-366 2039 or Ext 2039